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  • 06:55:49 pm on December 11, 2007 | 0

    The design of web applications has more ramifications then a lot of design entrepreneurs are willing to admit or take responsibility for. Adam Greenfield pulls no punches and is the first to clearly articulate the negative side of social-networking. Here are some particularly pungent quotes from his blog post:

     “one of my primary concerns has always been that we not accede to the heedless restructuring of everyday human relations on inappropriate and clumsy models derived from technical systems – and yet, that’s a precise definition of social networking as currently instantiated.” 

    “All social-networking systems constrain, by design and intention, any expression of the full band of human relationship types to a very few crude options – and those static!”

    “Experienced user-experience practitioners will see right away that there’s something of a Catch-22 laying in wait here for the unwary, in that given how dynamic social feeling is seen to be, any system supple enough to model the actual range of affinities and sentiments found in life would be an extraordinary hassle for its users.”

    “social comfort and coherence require that by far the majority of actual feelings regarding the people in our lives not be made explicit” 


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